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Thank you for your inquiry regarding Dr. Andrew Manley’s work and the possibility of having him speak at your event. We hope you find the following information helpful in completing a Booking Request or providing you with the necessary details to assist in determining if you’d like to engage Dr. Manley’s services for your event.

Speaker’s Honorarium

Our policy is to allow you, the host organization, to propose an amount in your written booking request with a minimum per speaker services per day engaged of not less than a starting point of $7,500.00 Speaker Fee to be paid 50% upon Contract Signage to secure the date requested.  Once an agreement is established, deposits are due and non-refundable.  With the balance due 2 weeks prior to said engagement or event.  This amount should reflect your highest and best level of compensation for Dr. Manley’s services. Whatever honorarium amount your organization and Manley Productions, LLC.  mutually agree upon, will be considered contractually guaranteed.

Travel Expenses


Fees for Dr. Manley’s services include two round trip Business Class airline tickets, plus $200 (for miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses, such as Baggage fees, food etc). So that you may benefit from our affordable travel resources (and so that we may coordinate Dr. Manley’s various travel commitments), Manley Productions, LLC.  will coordinate air travel; the host organization will receive documentation so that they may reimburse Manley Productions, LLC.  Two rooms I King Room/Suite, and 1 King or Queen Standard Room as is available,  in a not less than 4 Star upscale hotel, all food, and ground transportation for Dr. Manley and his assistants/attendants are also to be provided by sponsoring organization.

Product Sales


The sponsoring organization will provide prominently placed display/sales table(s) and at least two volunteers at each scheduled speaking session to assist with sales/signing of Dr. Manley’s books and audio products. Proceeds from these sales go directly to Manley Productions, LLC.

Booking Request


Should you decide to extend a formal invitation for Dr. Manley to speak at your event, please complete a Booking Request form. For your convenience, you’ll find a Booking Request Form to fill out below.





Book and Move Covers

Seeking Legal Support

Bullying is unacceptable and it has to end now. By bullying someone, you are violating the rights of the other person. Dr. Manley reminds everyone that there are laws that penalize offenders, and victims should seek the help of people they trust.

Importance of Family Support

For the most part, parents are held equally responsible for the bully's behavior. It has been proven that if there is open communication in the house, children are less likely to commit unjust behavior.

Urban Bully

Dr. Manley's new book imparts a message of hope. It tells us that by working together, parents, guardians, bullies, and society in general can address the issue and move forward effectively.