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About Dr. Andrew Manley

Dr. Andrew Manley is the nonfiction author behind Urban Bully, a new release that delves into the Bully Syndrome. Like you, he strives to address the issue that continues to plague our nation's schools.

Dr. Andrew Manley

Brief Background

A native of Jackson, North Carolina, Dr. Manley has made Los Angeles, California, his home since 1969. He is a graduate of the California State University in Los Angeles, and Pacific Western University, where he received his Ph.D. in Educational Administration.

As a Businessman

A business developer and an authority in Black economics, Dr. Manley sits on the boards of numerous corporations and charitable organizations. He is also the founder and owner of the AmeriCola Beverage Corporation, the first Black-owned soft drink company in America.

As an Educator

Dr. Manley is the founder and director of New West Technical Academy (NWTA), a state-certified (Los Angeles Unified School District) nonpublic school. Having served as a teacher, he feels fortunate to have firsthand experience dealing with bullies, which helped in his studies.

As a Servant of the Lord & the People

Apart from serving the community through his advocacies, Dr. Manley is also an ordained minister of the Gospel. Additionally, he is an active Reserve Deputy Probation Officer for the Los Angeles County, a position that affords him the opportunity to further interact with at-risk teens.


Extending a Hand to Both the Bully & the Victim

Dr. Andrew Manley vows to help stop bullying among schools and communities. Through his new book, he raises bullying awareness and helps the youth, parents, and society deal with it.


A Public Concern

Dr. Manley's intention to address bullying intensifies as the general public shows increasing concern over the issue and why it exists. For him, anyone who does not live or has not tried living in the inner city needs to be educated on the issue. This will keep them from basing their judgments on what they see on TV, or on what they are told. He believes that Americans are resilient, and that we are naturally inclined to do our part and make a difference.


Communicating with the Bully

With a proper support system, the victim will eventually find courage to say "enough is enough." However, addressing the issue also means helping the bully. Understanding why bullying happens in the first place requires a discussion with the involved parties. According to Dr. Manley, a common reason that crops up is economic stature, as bullies normally come from poverty-stricken families.