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"Instead of trying to find ourselves, we need to create the kind of "us" that we want to be tomorrow." – Dr. Andrew Manley

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Properly Addressing the Issue of Bullying

There is no secret that bullying is rampant in many schools and communities. In an effort to help stop bullying, Dr. Andrew Manley rallies groups and individuals to lock arms in putting an end to it through his new book. He believes bullying is a public issue and there's something we can do to put an end to it.

Urban Bully

About Dr. Andrew Manley

Dr. Andrew Manley is a respected nonfiction author and a staunch advocate of bullying prevention. In his new work entitled Urban Bully, he hits the issue head-on and addresses it by delving into the reasons it exists. Since the problem gets more pronounced by the minute, Dr. Manley hopes people take action immediately.

A true expert on the subject, Dr. Manley has more than 20 years of experience as an educator for children with special needs and at-risk youth. During his stint, he took in all students that no one else wanted to have. This level of understanding is what continues to endear him to the youth and the community. Read his book and discover why his methodology is not one to be ignored. Occasionally, he receives accolades for the work that he does, and this fuels him even more.

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